2016 Nigerian Mining & Agriculture Summit To Hold 4th and 5th of April


    The International Strategic Alliance Committee (ISAC) in collaboration with the Nigerian High Commission, United Kingdom will be hosting a summit with the theme “Nigerian Mining and Agriculture summit” on the 4th and 5th of April, 2016, at Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, Westminster, in London. Book your place to participate at the event.

    Driven by a fast growing and diversifying economy – the Nigerian mining sector is positioned to reclaim its place as an integral part of the Nigerian economy. Nigeria mining summit will set out the opportunities and how to be a part of the sector.


    The Inaugural Nigeria Mining Summit is poised to be 2014’s most innovative mining platform where leaders in mining will showcase opportunities and build strong industry relationships. With a closer look at investment opportunities, and potential high return projects the event will form the basis for business development in the sector for years to come.

    The A list of speakers drawn from the movers and shakers of global mining will bring a new dimension to the Nigerian mining space. Our attendees will be drawn from the leaders in the West African and global mining industry.