The General Notion of Nigerian Female Football

Female football
Female football

When you talk about Nigerian football. The general notion is that girls do not like football, so most people find it a hard pill to swallow when they find females who not only have genuine knowledge of the sport but love and feel the exact same way men are supposed to feel about the sport.

The truth is, there are millions of real female football fans out there, but due to the reaction they get from both men and women who are mystified by them, they keep their passion under wraps. To shed light on this issue, Jovago, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal shares 5 things Nigerian girls who love football should know.

Everyone will not take your passion seriously

Most women who love football in Nigeria need to keep in mind that most people will not take their love for football seriously, based on their gender. From as early as primary school, football teams are restricted to boys while girls are recommended for ‘softer’ sports like Sprinting, gymnastics or swimming.

The widely accepted ‘stereotype’ is that football is a man’s game and women have no place in it. And despite the fact that Nigeria now has an active football league for women, the impression lingers. Rather than get upset or give up every time someone calls you out for daring to have an opinion about the game, shake the negativity away and get on with investing your time as much as you feel you need to in the match. You do not need anyone’s approval really.

It is okay for you to talk about football

Most football viewing centers around the country are crowded by men and the few women who make their way to these venues are seen as arm-candies who are probably only there to cheer their boyfriend’s teams. So, when they dare to comment on a particular player or move, you find  a number of the men making jokes.

It is important for every Nigerian woman who loves football to realize that there is no law or rule that says a woman cannot talk about football. It is just a game, and like men, they also can develop the interest and love for the sport and so have every right to talk about it if they chose.


The idea that women do not really love football is continually fostered by girls who actually pretend to have interest in the game just to attract a guy or just watch the games to support their husbands or male partners. These girls cannot be blamed really because guys who are football lovers (and we are talking about almost every guy in Nigeria) tend to get a thrill from girls who have similar interest with them. They basically fantasize about being with a girl who genuinely understands the game as it makes them feel the lady understands or “gets” them at a primal level.

So, if you are a woman who has a genuine love for football, you just are in luck, as you are a hot cake for this breed of football-loving men.  You however should try not to overdo it, as these guys also can be intimidated by girls who know more than them about a team or the sport in general.

You can make a living doing what you love

There are some girls whose love for the games stems from great skill and talent for the sport. The girls will definitely school any guy on the field. They also need to realize that they can make a living from this talent.

There are professional football players all over the world and women have their own football world cup and premier league. Aside from the option of going pro and joining a football club, they could also work as coaches or personal trainers. Either way, they make a living from doing what they love.