Tee Billz confirms separation, deletes controversial Instagram Posts


    Tee-billz-tiwasavageTunji Balogun, aka Tee Billz, Tiwa Savage’s husband, has finally deleted all the rants on his Instagram account following the drama the posts ensued on Social media.

    All is certainly not well with Teebillz’s Instagram account as the account has been spewing forth breakup and goodbye posts. Fans and followers alike are shocked to see the account announce the breakup of the account owner’s marriage with his wife, Tiwa Savage and are hoping its a prank or yet, a hacked account.

    Tee Billz is going through a meltdown and he’s pouring out his heart on Instagram. He’s saying the marriage between him and Mavin artiste Tiwa Savage who he once managed is over and getting deep about his own family dynamics that a lot of the public doesn’t know about. He said he never wanted to be like his dad, he also said he didn’t plan on having babies with multiple women.

    There had been reports of cracks in the estranged couple’s marriage, but the postings on the mobile photo-sharing platform confirmed one of the worst kept secrets in the music/entertainment industry.

    The union is blessed with a 16- month old son, Jamil.

    Read what he said below;

    To you Mr Ibrahim Olatunji Balogun Snr………. I tried my best not to be like you but instead of focusing on being a Better person I was worried about not wanting to be like you. I reached out and cry to you as my father but all you care about his yourself and your money…….. I ended up having kids like you by multiple women and my first marriage and only marriage dint make make it to 2years just like the one you had with my mum. Why the Bleep did God Made you my father

    Here are some of the postings:

    “This was you when I met you with 100% insecurity. I remember when Wale called me about a girl that’s got talent and you told him I wasn’t interested.”

    “Please just take care of JamJam. I sacrificed my life for you and put in work and my money to your success. You are Tiwa Savage the super star now right. You will never have peace with that fame. Your mother wants to turn me to what she turned your DAD to? I will rather die. Ask her to confess what she has done to me! All I did was look out for your success.”

    “I’m sorry Olabisi, Gaetano, Onah and jamil. All daddy wanted to do is be a good father and take care all of you but they won’t let me. I have been fighting this spiritual battle since I was a kid. My mother and father can testify. Went from family battle to mother in-law’s battle. @tiwasavage ask your mother to confess what she’s done to me.”

    “Lord knows I tried. I can’t take it anymore. I decided that I wanted to take time out from music business so you and me will not be in the same basket of the music industry. You never supported me from day one. Every move I made and every project I lay my hands on was going all bad. Thanks to your mum witchcraft! Tell her to confess to you.”