Nollywood Actor, Ani Iyoho confirms he’s Unharmed following Viral Fire Scene


    Ani-Iyoho-600x300Nollywood actor Ani Iyoho has claimed that he is well and unharmed after a video of him burning on a movie set went viral. According to him, the scene wasn’t a publicity stunt but a movie scene that went very well.

    He posted a statement on Instagram saying:

    “To my friends

    For most of you who have ever commented or sent a chat to me you know I do all I can to respond to them all. So it hurt me deeply to keep you in silence and in the dark during this period. I couldn’t avoid it. The calls were maddening. My phone had to be turned off till the matter was resolved in public where it started.

    It worried the production that anything I might say as an individual may be misinterpreted further worsening the situation. I’m truly sorry beyond words for the emotional stress and inconvenience this might have caused you. It wasn’t a publicity stunt for me as some might still want to have you believe. It was a huge misunderstanding, misrepresentation and misinterpretation of events of that day and it took a toll on me in ways I cannot explain

    I am however extremely humbled at the love, care and support I got from you during this period. Words fail me. I am indebted to you. Thanks for being there for me and my family. God bless you and yours. Amen

    I am well. It was a movie fire scene that went well.”