Tope Aluko rubbishes claims of Zenith Bank sponsored Fayose’s election campaign fund


aluko-fayoseAn estranged political associate of Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State, Dr. Tope Aluko yesterday punctured holes in the claims by the governor that Zenith Bank sponsored his electioneering campaign in 2014.

Aluko, Director General of the Fayose Campaign Organisation, said that contrary to the governor’s claims, his campaign was bankrolled directly by the Presidency through the office of the then National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki and some oil contractors.

“Before the primaries of March 28, 2014, funding came from the Presidency only. After the primaries, various individuals, banks, corporate organisations registered with token amounts (so as to play along),” he said in a statement.

“But after the elections, contractors came in with funds to solicit for patronage. The current Secretary to the State Government was secretary of Fayose’s campaign organisation while a member of the state assembly representing Ekiti South II, Mr. Awodumila was treasurer.

“We know as a party that there was no record of Zenith Bank sponsorship of our elections”.

On Fayose’s financial worth prior to the election campaign, Aluko said he could not boast of N10 million in his account before then.

“In fact, he sold one of his houses in Ghana and showed me the cash in the trunk of his white Lexus Jeep at his private residence in Afao Ekiti. The recently mentioned funds are the funds he is using within his accounts in the banks”, he stated.

Aluko who fell out with Fayose after the governorship election, had earlier alleged that former President Goodluck Jonathan gave $2 million cash to Fayose for the PDP primaries and another $35 million for the election proper.

Aluko gave details of how Fayose used his personal friend, Mr. Abiodun Agbele to launder money and pay various sums paid into the governor’s personal accounts after the election.

“On August 22, 2014, Agbele paid in N50 million cash and another N118.706 million into Fayose’s Account No. 1003126654. Agbele also paid N49 million cash into Spotless Account No. 1010170969 on June 17, 2014 (four days before the election).

“On August 4, 2014 when Fayose became governor-elect, he deposited the following amounts in cash himself -N40 million, N36 million, N35 million, N24 million, N20 million and N14 million, totaling N170 million in one day.

“So Zenith Bank gave him these funds to lodge in his account with the bank after becoming the governor-elect? So which election was the bank sponsoring?

“The questions are many because Ayo Fayose was already governorship candidate and governor-elect during this period and Zenith Bank could not have been sponsoring him from their bank and using aircraft to bring cash from Abuja/Lagos to Akure.”

Aluko also said Fayose benefitted hugely from the cash deployed for Jonathan’s 2015 re-election project with funds coming from the Office of the National Security Adviser.

Said he: “Ayo Fayose was sworn-in on October 16, 2014.By January 30, 2015 he made cash deposit of N145 million into the account of De-Privateer Limited and also on April 18, 2015 he paid cash of N70 million into the same account.

“The N300 million fixed deposit no. 9013074033 in April 2015 from Abbey in Ayo Fayose’s name can’t be from Zenith Bank but from ONSA /Dasuki for presidential campaign and presidential election.

“These funds were used to purchase choice properties in Abuja, Lagos and Dubai through other banks in Ekiti which the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is working on”.