Over 220,000 ladies sexually harassed in France



    Women in Paris: company stories over 220,000 sexually  harassed  in two years

    More than 220,000 ladies have been sexually harassed on public transport in France over two years, the nationwide crime statistics company mentioned in its first report on the topic, describing it as a “conservative estimate”.

    The Harvey Weinstein scandal within the United States has accelerated a rethink of attitudes towards sexual harassment in France, a rustic that cherishes its self-image because the land of seduction and romance.

    “Although the public mostly focuses on domestic violence, sexual violence committed on the street, on public transport or in other public places is just as serious, and merits more attention,” the report mentioned.

    France’s National Observatory of Crime and Criminal Justice (ONDRP) discovered that 267,000 individuals – 85 % of whom have been ladies – have been sexually harassed on public transport between 2014 and 2015, together with kissing, groping, flashing and rape.

    It is the primary time the ONDRP, which publishes an annual survey on insecurity, has centered on sexual harassment on public transport.

    Paris was voted the third most woman-friendly metropolis in a Thomson Reuters Foundation survey revealed in October, and ranked fourth least dangerous for sexual violence.

    But harassment stays prevalent, many mentioned on social media.

    “I was spat at, called a whore … and one morning groped by two laughing men on a crowded metro,” Siobhán Dowling mentioned on Twitter, describing her time in Paris as a scholar.

    “The level of everyday harassment was shocking.”

    Sexual harassment on public transport was worst for ladies within the Paris area, with stories of incidents seven occasions larger than in the remainder of the nation, the research discovered.

    Most instances of sexual harassment occurred when a practice or bus was shifting so the sufferer couldn’t flee, the research mentioned.

    “When you have closed spaces with hundreds of thousands of people and zero security agents or police, it’s no wonder that cowardly perpetrators act in total impunity,” Ikram Moustaoui mentioned on Facebook.

    French ladies have taken to social media to share tales of sexual harassment, outstripping the #MeToo marketing campaign with a name-and-shame hashtag #BalanceTonPorc – or ‘expose your pig’.

    French President Emmanuel Macron unveiled measures in November aimed toward educating the general public and schoolchildren about sexism and violence towards ladies and enhancing police help for victims. He additionally proposed criminalising road harassment.

    France’s gender equality ministry declined to remark.

    *Reported by Zoe Tabary @zoetabary, for  Thomson Reuters Foundation