Apply For 2016 Fire Africa Grant for Innovation


Nigeria-Fire-Africa-Grant-2016FIRE Africa Grants will provide four Grants of up to US$25,000 each for projects aligned with one of the following categories. This Grant is for projects that will be implemented within a 12-16 month period.


2016 Funding Categories

Technical Innovation
Innovative projects that use technical concepts and solutions related to Internet development, security and access. This category includes innovation in materials, devices, standards for software and content and delivery.
Community Development
Innovative projects that use technical concepts to solve the unique problems faced by communities throughout Africa. Projects should have a specific focus on a particular group or sector of society.
Governance Enhancement
Innovative projects that address Internet governance and Internet policy issues including privacy, online freedoms, data retention and access.
Innovative projects that use ICT to solve specific educational issues throughout the region, including bringing access to education to isolated communities and marginalised groups in society, combatting educational professional shortages and innovation on information dissemination.

Grant proposals should provide clear and concrete information about the proposed project/initiative so the evaluation committee can properly assess it. Innovation and development should be an integral part of all project proposals received during the application process.

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