Sabbathi316 At The Edo State SEEFOR Project


    sabbathi316Nigerian Comedian, Sabbathi316 engages the audience at the Edo State SEEFOR (State Employment And Expenditures For Result) project at Fugar town.

    Sabbathi 316 did what he knows how to do best. He created a very relaxed atmosphere by making the participants laugh and laugh thereby putting them in the right frame of mind before the exercise went into full swing.

    It had a lot of youths in attendance. This project is aimed at taking youths off the street and engaging them as this will make them more useful and thus reducing the rate of crime in our society.

    This project covers four south-south states (Edo, Delta, Bayelsa and Rivers). The Edo State leg was carried out at four different centers of the state namely Benin, Ekpoma, Auchi and Fugar. It covered all the communities around these centers and was support by World Bank.


    Thanks to Mr Taiwo Akerele who is the project coordinator, Flora Bossey, Martins Amune, Mr Agbonifo, Gaius Oveze Victor e.t.c. who all facilitated this project.

    Hoping other states do something similar to help their youths.