See what woman did inside a Lift then calmly walks away


    lift pooIn what will come across as a really shocking development, a woman has been caught on camera defecating inside a lift.

    This is the moment a woman was caught on camera taking a poo right inside a lift.
    A video which has since gone viral shows the woman calmly walking into the lift.
    She is then seen crossing her legs and appearing to dance as if she is pressed and wants to ease herself.
    After desperately pressing the floor button again, she gives up and hitches up her skirt.
    She can then be seen squatting and doing her business, while looking up maybe to see if there is a camera watching.
    The woman then stands up and straightens her clothes, walking to the front of the lift and ignoring the large pile of human waste behind her.
    The footage is believed to have been recorded in China and has been doing the rounds on local social media.